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Building Systems Opportunities

Matching talent with great companies in building automation.

Building Automation Systems

Project Specialists and Technicians

Salespeople and Sales Engineers

Design, Application and Project Engineers

Project Managers



The people behind Create the Team:

Todd Cowles
Founder / CEO

Todd Cowles is the Founder of Create the Team, and a long-time Building Automation Industry salesperson and sales leader.  Enjoying the world of "hunting and match-making", he created his own company in 2015 to find talent for an ever-growing list of clients, plus help match some of those clients with buyers when timing is right for exit of ownership.

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Casey Hatzinger
Senior Recruiter

Casey joined us in 2022, coming from a family business in building automation.  She manages our national job postings for BAS engineers and technicians.

Sara Young
Senior Recruiter

Sara connects talented people to meaningful work. After nearly a decade of fundraising for nonprofit, healthcare and higher education institutions in the Pacific Northwest, Sara pivoted to new function: talent acquisition and recruitment.




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